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Our wide range of courses

Get the most out of your e-learning program: With the Trenkwalder Learning catalog of courses you can create individually customized training programs for you and your employees. Out of > 900 up-to-date online video courses, which are developed on the basis of the latest principles of learning science, you can select exactly the courses that offer real added value for your company. In just three days you can start your personally customized Mobile Academy with us.

Digitalisation & Management

Develop your top level employees and prepare them for an increasingly digital working environment. Our course selection focuses on concrete techniques and effective working methods that support you and your managers in the challenges of digitalisation and implementation of the latest management methods, such as Agile Working, Digital Leadership, New Work, Change Management or Diversity.

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Soft Skills

Really outstanding employees are not only masters of their profession, they also have a real talent for creating new solutions, are thinking in a holistic way and are able to look beyond their own horizons. Increase the creativity, effectiveness, communication skills and personal development of your employees with a coordinated course program, such as Agile Working, Changeability Promotion, Design Thinking, Presentation Techniques, Storytelling or Scrum.

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Medicine & Nursing

The requirements for specialist qualifications and further compulsory training of medical and nursing staff are growing rapidly, whether it is hygiene training, data protection in care centers or medical training for specialists and experts. With our specialised range of courses for requirements in the health sector you can be sure that your employees are always up to date with the latest training, including certificates and proof.

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Innovative, efficient and unexpectedly versatile

Our flexible licensing models allow us to quickly find the perfect solution for you and your employees – from interactive video language courses with built-in learning tools, to professional training in a wide range of industries, to systematic skills training and legally recognized mandatory training. Based on our flexible licensing models, we will easily find the optimal solution for you and your employees and thereby support you in achieving focused and effective corporate learning solutions.

Banking & Finance

Our special trainings for the banking and finance industry focus on specialists, high potentials and executives in the international financial market. The continuously updated online courses impart complex know-how in the areas of corporate compliance, risk management and professional development tailored to the needs of internationally active financial institutions and financial service providers.

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Safety & Quality Management

Be it work safety training, quality assurance, data protection or compliance issues, with our carefully curated range of trainings you can instruct your employees independently of time and location. Additionally, you profit from an efficient education management for legally prescribed courses and compulsory training, also according to DIN VDE or ISO 9001 including certification and with a legal proof of the obligation to instruct.

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With the interactive math courses, including practical math exercises, you effectively refresh your employees‘ basic knowledge of math. From basic arithmetic operations, rule of three or percentage calculations to area and volume calculations, they train exactly what they need for school, training and work. Especially for refugees and migrants, the Maths Basics videos are provided with German and Arabic subtitles.

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Our award-winning educational technology, based on the latest findings in learning science, transforms four-minute videos into interactive language courses that are available anytime, anywhere. Through video courses with up to 70 hours of training or precisely focused thematic courses at all levels from A1 to C2 within the interactive video language learning courses, your employees develop their English skills and prepare optimally for the official CEFR tests.

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German as a foreign language

In today’s HR development, the recruitment of international specialists is a competitive advantage. With our video language courses you can accelerate the integration of international employees and thus actively contribute to your company’s success. The interactive online video language courses are perfect for individual, location-independent and flexible learning of German: from the first immersion in language and culture to integration into the working world.

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